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My ipace is about 10 weeks old and every charge point, e-volt, seimens etc will fail when I try to rapid charge. Even my rolec home charge fails.

Some chargers say Vehicle problem, others just stick on initialising. My home charger starts to charge and then after 20 minutes it jumps to initialising.
So my car has been into jaguar twice for this, first time they did a software update... no change, 2nd time its been in for 1 week and jaguar say all of the charge point in scotland have old technology which wont talk to an i-pace. What a lot of nonsense! One of the chargers I am trying (evolt) is actually newer than my car !

And if this was true why only scotland? Im sure if I can get enough charge to get me across the border, my car wont charge to get me back !

What a farce, a £65K car which is not fit for purpose. Oh today they have given me an ipace demonstrator to try and guess what, it wont charge either
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