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Important topic!

I have been on a similar journey, doing research and thinking of the bigger picture.

As level 1 chargers are considered dangerous here, from 2023 they will no longer be allowed as a permanent way to charge an EV, they are only for emergency use. Most people buy a level 2 home charger. Especially now that electricity prices have gone up and Fast Chargers or Superchargers cost 15 times more than charging from home (!).

I decided to address the following
  • Any future EV I get will be able to draw more power from my charger than my iPace
  • The electric system in a house is the main cause of fire
  • A smart charger will help ensure I use power only when it is cheap and will only draw maximum power when it is safe to do so
Based on this I landed on a package deal from an electrician who reviewed the electric system of the house and upgraded my fusebox with better surge protection and individual ground fault switches before installing my charger.

As I have 3-phase to my house I landed on the Easee charger which supports 32 amp with 1 & 3-phase. My 2019 iPace cannot utilise the 3-phase but newer iPaces and other EVs do support this. I can control and limit access to 3-phase in the charger app. The charger also has load balancing and can limit charging depending on electricity prices through 3-party integrations.

This setup has worked flawlessly and my house is now both safer and more valuable.

Edit: Here's a picture

Line Material property Cable Gas Audio equipment

I also got a socket I can insert the loose end of the charging cable into to make it as tidy as possible. I thought that was a nice touch.
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