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Wheel/Tire Protection Pack?

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The dealer is trying to sell me on the wheel and tire protection package. It's normally like 2200 or so for the 22" wheels/tires they said, but are giving it to me for 1600.

Anyone buy it? Worth it?
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I had my car ceramic coated by my local high end detailer (I researched him and he does Ferrari, and super cars regularly etc), and he completely CeramicPro coated my car after getting all the "swirls" out done by the "prep" team at the dealership. It cost me $600. Most dealers are NOT detailing professionals, I wouldn't use them. Even my dealership admitted that they do not do the work themselves but contract it out to another company and then u charge for it.
Although its great he works on all of those vehicles, I discovered that those who specialize in the brand you have do the best job.
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