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Wheel/Tire Protection Pack?

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The dealer is trying to sell me on the wheel and tire protection package. It's normally like 2200 or so for the 22" wheels/tires they said, but are giving it to me for 1600.

Anyone buy it? Worth it?
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I bought it. Paid $1338 for 5 year coverage. Check coverage of your exact policy but typically covers both road hazard damage/replacement of tires (due to nails, glass, etc.) AND more importantly, replaces your wheels if you (or for example, a valet driver) 'kisses' a curb and scratches up your monster (size and price) 22" rims. This is 'cosmetic' insurance, just like paintless dent repair (which I bought for $449) and interior/exterior appearance protection/coating (Ceramic, which I also bought for another $1095). If you care about how your car looks, resale value, etc. its worth it because ONE incident in any of these categories typically makes the policy worthwhile. (p.s. especially worthwhile if you have young kids!)
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dtgsrq how do you like the ceramic, what are the specs
Actually still awaiting application. It came as part of the appearance package warranty mentioned above. It is the UDS Five Diamond Ceramic finish (CFDAP) with an 84-month warranty. I read up online (and watched YouTube videos) about ceramic coatings and was impressed with what I learned about them. FYI, Chicago Auto Pros had a multi-part YouTube video series on ceramic coatings.
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