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Greetings from Switzerland.

I'm looking to switch to an electric car, and the i-Pace looks the most interesting to me at this point, especially since there are decent prices on slightly used ones. What are the key things that I should look out for when buying a used i-Pace, as opposed to any other used car? I know that I should ask for the detailed battery health report, and I think I should expect most cells to be at 95% and all at 90%. I'll also check that the software is up-to-date, or get it updated; it seems like that would take care of many of the problems that I see in the forum. What else should I look for? Is there a list of common problems that I should look for during a test drive?

I've read a bit on this forum and it seems that there's a lot of good information. (And good attitudes, which can't always be said for car forums.) But as a new member, it's hard to go through the entire list of problems reported here to know which are common and which have been solved with recent software updates.

Thanks for any help.
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