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2019 I Pace First Edition Photon Red
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2019 First Edition , just under 3 years, 27,600 miles. After overnight charging, got in the car, "Traction battery fault", "OK to drive with caution Brake pedal feel reduced", car would not shift into gear, and shut down after about 10 seconds with the "P" indicator on the shifter and the main display blinking for about 30 seconds. Tried to start multiple times , same result.
Luckily, read this blog frequently and recognized its probably one of the 12v batteries. Put a trickle charger on the 12v aux battery ( drivers side US spec) overnight. Next morning, after several tries, car started and pretended like nothing happened.
Drove the 15 miles to the St Petersburg FL dealer, dropped it off. Told them the story. They dont have a qualified I Pace mechanic, will have to send it up to Clearwater dealer, 10 miles up the road ( We are fortunate to have 3 dealers in a 30 mile radius of Tampa, 4 if you count the new dealer in Lakeland , 5 if you include Sarasota). No loaners cuz theres nothing on the lot, and estimated 3 weeks to get it back.

Got it back today after just 9 days. Clearwater replaced the starter battery - 861501 startup battery renew 77711 WJS. Also replaced aux battery - 861503 auxiliary battery renew 77711 WJS. Also did updates to Electric Power Inverter Control (EPIC) B, C, AND D. Updated the Battery energy control Module (BECM). Updated Power Control Module (PCM). Updated the Gateway Module (GWM). For the battery Charger Control Module they replaced the ECU.

Seems good now. Still love the car. Probably have to pry it from my cold dead hands.

Mike S.
Tampa, FL
2019 I Pace First Edition, Photon Red
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