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What did you do to your Jaguar I-Pace today?

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Share what you did today with the Jaguar I-Pace community!

Example: Went ot the dealership and picked up my I-Pace!

Example: Finally got my window tints done, now I can't open my windows for a week

Example: Detailed the the interior and applied leather protectant on the seats.

Anything goes!
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Put on some key fobs from Amazon. I decided to make my 6 year old son happy. But to be honest I kinda like them as well after a couple of weeks. It’s held up well despite being dropped, pressed, and manhandled like a key should be.

Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design Bumper Font

Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Bumper

Moxoho Car Key Fob Cover Shell Key Case TPU Suit for Land Rover 2018 2019 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Evoque Velar Discovery Full Cover Protection Accessories, Modelb{blue}
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Yeah. It’s a huge key fob. Wish it was smaller. The TPU case does make it bigger. But I figured just own the big key fob and appreciate it.
Blacked it out. Including the scoop!

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Grille Blue

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Tire Vehicle registration plate Wheel Vehicle Grille

Like the black rims but wanted something a. Little different so I put a pinstripe of blue vinyl around it. And covered up that wood grain inlays with aluminum to give the cabin a sleeker feel
Car Hood Grille Automotive design Automotive lighting


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Wow! That looks fantastic, did you do that yourself?
Thought about it but no! Took it to AES Designs, a local place.
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Now it basically looks like a black exterior pack and black rims.😎

but I did a fun electric logo where the “EV400” was bc I don’t know what that actually means🤔

I’m thinking of turning the leaper silver again, feel like it should stand out more…

And I’m looking into getting the grill painted to match the body. So it would look more like an EV as well…
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Grille Automotive lighting
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You're making @PS702 think twice about ditching his Ceasium Blue kitty ... 'cmon PS, you can make yours look as good as Slam's and then you'll want to keep it until death shall you part! (PS's on right, mine before the wheel upgrade on left)

View attachment 6481
Forgot to mention I had them put on d drives lowering links as well!

and in case you didn’t notice now mine looks more like PS702! Lol. He was the inspiration.
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Decided to make the leaper chrome again so it would stand out more.
Car Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

The wheels were a little much for me so I took off the vinyl strip. Changed the center cap to blue and covered the logs with blue covers.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Blue

I have to stop. I think this is it for awhile. 😂
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So I wasn’t done. I had previously covered up the factory wood trim on the dowith aluminum vinyl bc I hated it and didn’t know what to do with it.

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Vehicle Automotive tire

driving around I noticed that the ambient lightning (I only have the basic level) had a nice glow to the area and wanted to do something to it. So I bought a leaper emblem and lettering on Amazon for $18 and put them in the spot. It looks awesome. Everyone should do this. At least in my option. I love it so far!

Hood Automotive design Grey Automotive exterior Personal luxury car

And at night it comes alive with the ambient lighting! It’s reflective so you can see the individual LEDs on the emblem when you look closely.
Automotive lighting Hood Azure Automotive design Automotive exterior

And I put the lettering on the rear doors for the kids.

Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design Car Vehicle

you could do with the factory trim and it would still look awesome. Great use of $36!


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Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Sky

The kids decided to block my garage access today! Didn’t feel like moving it or having them do it. And I had backed in onto the driveway because it was raining and I had to unload groceries from the trunk.

Decided to leave it backed in and see if the cord could reach. Got to test out the reach of my cord and was able to park it outside and still reach.
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Just realized that if you open the trunk with the keyfob and the car is locked, then you can’t close the hatch unless you have a key. It will stay open unless you have the key on you or close it using the fob. The hatch button doesn’t work if you don’t have the keyfob with you.
today i'm melting the snow off my windows by pre-conditioning the cabin. Just for fun
Takes awhile! Lol. But when I tried there was 4 inches of snow.
I don’t remember how it did exactly! It was a not ago and I didn’t take a pic

But I thought maybe I could see two parts of the windshield where the interior defrost was particularly strong. So I remember thinking it didn’t do as bad as I expected.
I have a 2019. My door locks are set up to only onlock the drivers door with one click of the electric unlock. Then hiding the electronic key 20' away behind my house water heater, I tried opening the trunk/hatch and couldn't. Then I got the electric key and gave it another unlock command. All the doors unlocked. And again hid the electronic key. I walked over to the hatch and the hatch opened using the rubber button on the hatch. I waited a minute then reached up and touched the rubber button on the hatch and it closed, no key nearby. I could not get the little buttons to lock the doors either.
The only reason I noticed was because I opened the I pace trunk while it was locked from the house. Then went outside without the keyfob, got what I needed and then realized I couldn’t close the door with the button. I don’t know if I could’ve manually forced it closed, but I bet that would’ve set off the alarm.
I parked it outside in about an inch of accumulated slush, mix of snow and ice. The cabin pre conditioning melting the windshield and most of the roof as well. Guess that pano roof means less scraping
Today I am experimenting with downsizing the wheels to 18 inch from 20. I don't really care about how it looks, and want to see if there is less tire noise, and a little more mileage. Everything comes this week, and I'll get it installed and see.
Any updates? Interested if there was decrease in tire noise. Was the tire different as well?
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