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What did you do to your Jaguar I-Pace today?

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Share what you did today with the Jaguar I-Pace community!

Example: Went ot the dealership and picked up my I-Pace!

Example: Finally got my window tints done, now I can't open my windows for a week

Example: Detailed the the interior and applied leather protectant on the seats.

Anything goes!
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New I-Pace owner (1st EV experience) so I may have made a mistake on what I did today (not on the car itself but for my garage).

I purchased the ChargePoint Home Flex charger with Nema 14-50 plug from Amazon and tomorrow I have an electrician coming to install a 240v/50amp receptacle in my garage. For what I understand this setup would allow me to charge the car at a much faster rate and if ever at an RV park (50 amp), this device should work as well.

After reading this tread, it seems a much better option would have been to go with the Tesla charger, I-Pace adapter combination which would give me the fast charging at home, RV park (50 amp), and the advantage to use Tesla's network (non-super chargers).

I would need for either charger an AC Works EV adapter to convert from NEMA 14-50 to 30 amp RV power (if no 50 amp available).

Did I follow all this information correctly?

Also, my understanding is that Tesla's have a configuration menu to select the amount of AMPS (sorry if it is a different electric term) you are connecting to, does the I-PACE have similar menu (I have not found it)?

Also, I assume my request to the electrician to install 240v is correct and not 220v (that's for Europe and not US), but I am confused if 50 amp was the correct request or 40 amp as I saw on some other posts (unless 40 amps is for Europe as well).

Thanks in advance.
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ChargePoint installed today and working great (240v / 50 amp).
Reduced charged time from 57 hrs to less than 7 hrs.

First time I see 250 miles (normally 236 hrs. @100%)

App. was easy to setup/use and selecting my local utility provider provides me the $$ used by each charge session.

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