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What did you do to your Jaguar I-Pace today?

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Share what you did today with the Jaguar I-Pace community!

Example: Went ot the dealership and picked up my I-Pace!

Example: Finally got my window tints done, now I can't open my windows for a week

Example: Detailed the the interior and applied leather protectant on the seats.

Anything goes!
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Full PPF, window tint, light tint on headlights and tail lights, rear black badging.
Pics are not great and it’s not clean yet since I just picked it up yesterday. It still has to cure and there may be a few spots to get touched up or re-done. Overall I’m happy though.
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Symos is right! Firenze Red! It looks so different from different angles (with an iPhone camera!). If you look at DocHudson’s posts above mine, our cars are the same body color and both with PPF.
If you look at some of my other posts, the PPF didn’t really make much of a difference. Angle of the Texas sun is a big differentiator. Dirt and installation smudges too make a difference.
Also, I gotta get it washed soon but it’s supposed to rain this weekend? Who knows around here what’s going to happen weather wise.
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1 - 2 of 214 Posts