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What did you do to your Jaguar I-Pace today?

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Share what you did today with the Jaguar I-Pace community!

Example: Went ot the dealership and picked up my I-Pace!

Example: Finally got my window tints done, now I can't open my windows for a week

Example: Detailed the the interior and applied leather protectant on the seats.

Anything goes!
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To debadge or not to debadge, that is the question. Dropped of car for paint correction, PPF, ceramic coating, and tint. Shop asked if I want to remove any of the badges on the trunk lid. Thinking about removing the i-pace and ev 400 badges. Someone on UK forum posted the pic I've attached.
Definitely going to loose the i-pace and ev 400 badge. Still deciding how to finish the leaper and JAGUAR on the lid. Gloss black paint vs black chrome.
Great idea
Gloss black if you have the Black exterior pack
I took my first overnight trip with the I-Pace. After 11 months, managed to go somewhere out of the Phoenix area - because chargers are finally getting more prevalent in AZ. Went to Cottowood, stayed in a hotel where we charged all night for free. Used my heater for the very first time for a short while this morning.
Not a lot in AZ, but at least there is an EA coming online in Quartzsite.
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Snow foamed the I-Pace Today
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Hey Everyone. My car finally arrived today after a few unexpected delays. First response: my elderly neighbor said "wow, you bought a rocket!" The car fits right into my vintage neighborhood- the hallmark of great design I'd say. She's now in the garage with the trickle charger (car, not neighbor). I have to work now which is so incredibly unfair! Plus there's an incredible amount to learn including many basics so I'll start digging into that next. Regen braking to high is first on my list along with phone sync. My nephew texted this morning and asked if it had arrived. I responded- "Yes, and it's adult Christmas!"

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Congrats! its gorgeous.
There is a leanring curve with the I-Pace, but once you udseratnd its nuances, its straight forward
4th of July fast charge

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Premium or regular? ;)
Its been so long, I had no idea what to do
Drove through windy Topanga Canyon Road, lunch at Inn of the Seventh Ray, and drove some more windy road to the beach. View attachment 4324
It's the most fun on those roads
Good ambiance at the Inn
Full PPF, window tint, light tint on headlights and tail lights, rear black badging.
Pics are not great and it’s not clean yet since I just picked it up yesterday. It still has to cure and there may be a few spots to get touched up or re-done. Overall I’m happy though.
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Headlights look fantastic. Very nice
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New I-Pace owner (1st EV experience) so I may have made a mistake on what I did today (not on the car itself but for my garage).

I purchased the ChargePoint Home Flex charger with Nema 14-50 plug from Amazon and tomorrow I have an electrician coming to install a 240v/50amp receptacle in my garage. For what I understand this setup would allow me to charge the car at a much faster rate and if ever at an RV park (50 amp), this device should work as well.

After reading this tread, it seems a much better option would have been to go with the Tesla charger, I-Pace adapter combination which would give me the fast charging at home, RV park (50 amp), and the advantage to use Tesla's network (non-super chargers).

I would need for either charger an AC Works EV adapter to convert from NEMA 14-50 to 30 amp RV power (if no 50 amp available).

Did I follow all this information correctly?

Also, my understanding is that Tesla's have a configuration menu to select the amount of AMPS (sorry if it is a different electric term) you are connecting to, does the I-PACE have similar menu (I have not found it)?

Also, I assume my request to the electrician to install 240v is correct and not 220v (that's for Europe and not US), but I am confused if 50 amp was the correct request or 40 amp as I saw on some other posts (unless 40 amps is for Europe as well).

Thanks in advance.
I have the same ChargePoint you're getting and it works perfectly with the I-Pace.

You don't need a Tesla charger at all.

Your electrician will know how to install it, but it's 240v and 50amp. Your circuit breaker in your house should have no problem in handling that current load.
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Is the need for an adapter a US thing? Here in the UK I just plug into a Tesla destination charger.
Tesla has it's proprietary charging head which is much smaller, better looking and eaiser to use.
Euro standard for Tesla doesn't have that, but used the standard CCS and J1772
ChargePoint installed today and working great (240v / 50 amp).
Reduced charged time from 57 hrs to less than 7 hrs.

First time I see 250 miles (normally 236 hrs. @100%)

App. was easy to setup/use and selecting my local utility provider provides me the $$ used by each charge session.

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Very nice. I use the CP app to track how much electricity I use for charging, even when I'm charging outside.

Wattcat is an essential app for the I-Pace. I track my charging through there as well

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Went Jaguar hunting today

This one had the Performance seats in Mars Red. Looks beautiful


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I-Pace did exceptionally well in the tight turns in the narrow Malibu canyons.
Lowering links helped a lot to keep it planted. Some foggy parts made it difficult to get higher speeds.
Lots of Regen on the downhill

Saw a beautiful Porsche 356 coupe going the opposite direction
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread

Sky Atmosphere Daytime Cloud Hood
Map Rectangle Slope World Font

Sky Daytime Hood Car Automotive lighting
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Cruising the Las Vegas valley
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Cloud
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