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So, some news and a request for comments.

The next major version of WattCat will focus on integrating route planner functionality. I'm currently working on destination management, adding and deleting destinations. I'll hopefully be able to provide more functionality than what the official route planner app does, including the ability to name a destination. It has always annoyed me how I have to do this through the car Infotainment currently.


Finally, if anyone have any suggestions on this feature, please do share.

I've also passed along a reminder to the navigation team @ JLR about the fact that we have to constantly sign in to our navigation accounts in the vehicle Infotainment. I'm hoping this gets fixed soon.
What I have been using as a crutch, is a google sheet where I let you put in a list of destinations, and distances. And, I show how much will be used in each leg. As I travel, I can have the car polled (using your API's) to get the mileage & SOC and I update the display in my sheet with the expected SOC at each destination based on the average rate of Battery % usage per mile (since the start of my trip). Averages are fine for "planning", but as you're going you should use the CURRENT %/Mile usage reflecting today's conditions (temp, heat or A/C use, winds, hills, etc...). I also allow you to enter in the sheet "at destination X, I am going to charge back up to Y%" ... and then adjust all future leg SOC %'s based on that. I can share this sheet if you like.
221 - 221 of 221 Posts