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Voice Control Not Available at Start?

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Anyone else notice that it takes 2-3 minutes or more for their voice control to start working? This makes it really hard to use the navigation a bunch when you get in and out a lot - as I do when showing homes....

This might be my biggest annoyance with the car so far..
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I don't plan to use it, prefer google in general, but I don't know how good the jag system is ... can you enlighten us as to what the advantages of the native voice control are?
I like to use the native voice control over Apple Play purely because I can see directions on my HUD and dash and it feels a bit more integrated overall.

I also don't like plugging my phone in each time I get in the car - another reason I wish we had wireless carplay.

I often need to get in the car with a client and tell the car the next address very quickly. I also often get in the car and need to call someone quickly.

My old BMW X5 allowed me to do both basically from the moment I got in the car.
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