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Very strange

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After 1 day and 60 km my center display does not appear anymore. I tried verious things but nothing works.
Hope people from Jaguar also read this forum and try to fix it. Not a happy driver right now.
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ADL look at other threads and it seems to be common bug/issue, most likely firmware issue. It is frustrating but hopefully Jaguar will have a fix soon.

And remember kids, Tesla has made everyone believes OTR updates are a GOOD thing. Our cars are now like Windows machines, wait for patch Tuesdays and trade one problem with another...and yes Jaguar is running Windows embedded...
This is something that has been reported by a lot of new owners, so I am sure that Jag is currently working on a patch to resolve it. Software issues are one of the most common problems on newer vehicles, especially with EV's.
We need a moderator to merge threads on this and stop the 10 minute edit limit.

This is a significant tech issue that is evolving. Some cars have it, some do not, but I bet all cars CAN be induced into Blank Screen Mode. It no longer appears to be hardware, and certainly 'fast boot' aggravates this situation. Read threads about slow booting the car for a temp patch.

To the OP, rest assured that dozens or hundreds of owners are trying to isolate this, and have come up with some tricks to improve stability.

This is NOT a Jaguar Land Rover owned site. We are all unpaid car enthusiasts, mostly Jaguar i-Pace owners or those interested in them.
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I had the same issue. Took it into Jaguar of Chandler and they fixed it the same day. It has not happened since. I now follow the "slow boot" method - I do not put it into gear until all systems are ready. I use the full screen map in front of the steering wheel and have the USB Media screen up before I leave. It is annoying, but I have to click the shuffle button each time I turn on the vehicle. However, after all that - this thing is a blast to drive and I'm sure things will get better through future updates. We are Jaguar electric vehicle pioneers...

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