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I find my iPace user interface totally baffling. My complaints fall into several broad categories.
1. mutliple ways to do stuff and hard to find stuff
There are 3 screens as well as multiple other controls such as on the steering wheel. Some things can be controlled many ways. I can't figure out what should be where. The UI for each of the screens is entirely different.
2. connectivity is baffling
I have the jaguar app. I have the Android app. I have Bluetooth. I am constantly getting messages about errors in connecting and logging in and I have no idea which app is talking and why. Is there a theory of operation here?

Here are some things I would like to do. I can't figure out if it is possible.
1. Connect my Android phone and have my maps show up on the display. Can I use my own Google maps/directions instead of the one provided? As a corollary ... what is the SIM and the service plan providing, and why do I need it rather than using the service plan on my phone that I have already?
2. Set the map in the center display to see only map in the whole screen rather than incidents, and stay that way, and have my position in the middle.
3. When I try out the parking brake, I don't see an indicator for it. Where is it?
4. My podcasts start playing automatically when I turn on the car. But I paused them before I turned off the car. Why does it start before I tell it to? Should I be controlling on the screen on the car or on the phone? Again, I have no mental model of the theory of operation here.
5. Sometimes my steering wheel screen reverts to the iPace picture and not what I want. This seems random. Why?

In general, I feel my car has goblins. it keeps deciding to do things that I have not asked for and that I do not understand.

Do I need to take a course in using my car? Or will you update and improve the UI?

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It took me many hours to learn and set up everything. I do not use the Jaguar in control apps and I did not set up a personal profile, and most things seem to work fine this way but some idiosyncrasies remain. For example, it starts playing music (via bluetooth) by itself upon startup of the car even when I previously paused the music.

Some high-level advice from someone who likes to keep things simple:

1. Don't set up a personal profile unless you're really sharing the car with someone who wants things different from you. (You can customize things without setting up profiles)
2. Don't use inControl apps if you want to keep your sanity and not get frustrated with weird bugs of shi11y software
3. Keep the bottom screen for climate control, top screen for everything else
4. Dashboard panel is pretty much independent from the screens ... use thumbwheel to scroll through all menus systematically. Will take about an hour including checking things in the manual
5. Use the manual! Either on your phone app or online
6. The car's SIM handles all essential functions. The "user-supplied" SIM card (the one in the center console slot) is for AT&T-based connectivity. Without it you won't get real-time traffic and some other stuff you don't need. (I yanked mine out as soon as I got the car and have not missed it). If you need connectivity for some reason, use WiFi.
7. If you want to show google maps and navigation on the big screen you have to install Android Auto and be ready for that battle. Mediocre interface (google's fault) but mostly functional.
8. Configuration and layout of the top screen is quite customizable. Check all the functions by pressing the buttons on the home screen and extra features and decide which ones you want, and then customize. There are a couple of youtube videos that show how it's done; the upshot is that there's an edit mode where you can pick and move tiles around, which you access by a long-press.

And yeah did I mention that it took me hours and hours to figure everything out?

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I second Sciencegeek's advice especially #5. Sit in the car with either the owners manual or the iGuide app. My manual is dog eared and marked by hours of sitting in the car and going over every function. Now I prefer iGuide and use my phone to look up whatever interests me that day. Nearly 3 months after the purchase I still sit in the car occasionally and play around.
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