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I thought I had run out of new things to see on the I-Pace.

Yesterday I saw TWO NEW ONES!

One was a false positive error, showing a front collision warning for a car in the next lane over. But it was interesting to see the warning sign. A large (red, iirc) triangle filled the main driver screen with alert dinging and some text saying what it was. If it is that sensitive, I wonder why it wasn't triggered before now? I'm running all the original software it came with, no updates so far. The vehicle was a medium sized truck, so maybe it ignores regular sized cars in adjoining lanes?

The second one was a rear warning. I have received sound warnings before, but this one included a graphic showing this new situation: it was a car approaching from the side (not yet behind me), and a little car front graphic appeared at the left of the main screen (the side it approached from) to show what the signaling meant. I knew it had that side looking for on-coming back traffic, but I had never seen this graphic before.
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