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For those of us who will need to be wearing gloves in winter, and maybe those of us who have long finger nails that are not touch-screen friendly, here are a couple of products that I've fingered to provide an alternative. Yes, you can buy gloves specifically for use on touch screens. Here's another alternative.

A touch screen stylus and a holder for it. They can be found at :wink2: and probably other fine locations.

The holder has a peel-and-stick back on it. They come in packages of varying quantities. The stylus fits in the loop or just put the clip through it.

And here shown as "finger in glove".

Search for
"Pen Loop Holder, Volin Crik Self-Adhesive Pen Holder Pencil elastic loop designed for Notebooks, Journals, Calendars"


"homEdge Slim Stylus Pen Set of 20 Pack, Universal Stylus Compatible with All Device with Capacitive Touch Screen – 10 Color"

I've been trying to determine the best location to install this. It would be nice if the car came equipped with a stylus and a place to put it.
The best I think is to stick the holder to the upper inside of the hole in the center console. This would put the loop in the top middle of the opening.

I have no association with the sellers or makers of these products. This is purely informational. Use at your own discretion.
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