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Top Gear Drag Race S75 v. Ipace

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OMG what is with that stupid background noise that sounds like low frequency static in the video?!

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In the US, the Jaguar is cheaper.
That shows the MS being $87,762 USD and the Jag at $95,150 USD.

In the USA, the MS starts at $78,200 before incentives in black only. The Jag is $70,495 in either white or black.
When fitted up with nicer wheels, red paint, light interior, and ACC+Autosteer (no FSD since it does not exist) - MS75D 5 seater is $93,000.
When kitted up the same (plus HUD, leather, etc, etc, etc) the Jaguar in red with nice wheels, light interior, ACC+Autosteer is $86,895.

But you end up with more luxury features on the i-Pace though.

Why it would be more in the UK is puzzling.
I was watching some video that raced a Tesla and i-Pace and i-Pace netted a [email protected] That's not too bad for any car.

Interesting that the weight is so similar.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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