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Thank you Curtis,

I am getting pretty concerned about the car that I have not yet taken delivery of. There seems to be a lot of issues including guys that have had their cars in the shop for months. How happy are you guys with this car? I was not expecting so many problems on such a small number of cars sold.

Please advise, Brad
Brad - I took delivery of an SE trim level with my specific customizations at the end of December. The infotainment system is the only issue I had, but after week number 4 when I did the reset, the car has been trouble free. Jaguar doesn't have the best reputation for build quality, but they do work to make things right for those who have had significant problems. Make sure you are happy with the dealer as that will make a huge difference if you happen to get one that needs mechanical repairs or changes of electronics.

In terms of the EVSE - You won't need to future proof unless you are getting another EV in the next few years that has an onboard charger that can go above 7.7Kw on a 240V circuit. You won't get better performance from a 40 amp vs a 32 amp as they will both top out at 7.7kw. Look for the features you think you need, especially if you have electric rate plans that discount your cost after hours. Juicebox and Chargepoint users have some tips on how to get close to time of day start and stop to take advantage of the rates. I'm in a flat rate area, so I purchased a simple portable Mustart that will plug into a 14-50 outlet. It is not wifi enabled, etc. However you cannot track all the details about charge rate, etc. that you can with the smarter EVSEs. For me, I was just looking for fewer points of failure since time of day rate changes were not an issue.

Good luck with you car and look for tips on this forum. They are scattered about, but there are some really good tips for taking initial delivery.

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OK, I got the time of day charging to work really well

I bought the I-Pace a week ago and have messed around with all of the suggestions, they kind of worked... here is what I found works the best.

1. Turn off all time of day related stuff on the charger. (I have the Juicebox Pro 40A).
2. My area has 7pm-7am discount rates every weekday, and all weekend. I set the phone app to 7pm-7am time of day charging.
3. I set a repeating departure time at 4am everyday.
4. Turn on the departure time on the Goodbye screen, plug the car in and either lock or leave the car unlocked.


I have the Juicebox sending me emails when it starts and stops. Last night it started at 7pm, charged for 2.5 hours to a full charge. It came back on again at 3:30am, turned off at 3:47am, turned on again at 3:48am, turned off for the last time at 4:05am.

Rational for my settings:

If the departure time is set after the cheap time of day (say at 8am for me), I have seen that the car might turn off its charging for a few hours (4 in my case) during the cheap night charging window, then turn back on again. The car won't reach a full charge during the cheap time, it will keep charging for 2.5 hours after the cheap window ends. I set the 4am departure to give the car 3 extra hours and force it not to shut down charging in the middle of the cheap night charging window. I have not used this charge setting long enough to know if a really drained battery will cause the car to start charging before the 7pm cheap window starts. If this occurs, then I might try setting the Juicebox time of day window to not allow this. (I expect that this could be necessary, but am concerned that the car might give up and not actually start charging when the Juicebox turns on the power.).

Jaguar engineers have really screwed up trying to make this thing so smart. KISS guys, just add the simple mode that everyone really wants.

1. Turn on and charge during the charge window, don't start before, don't stop during, but stop after the window.
2. Pre-charge window "check-box" to make the car start charging before the window if the battery is too low to hit the charge percentage target.
2b. Post-charge window "check-box" to allow the car to keep charging after the window if it is still not hitting the charge percentage target.
3. Charge Percentage target.
4. A weekend charge window might be useful, I am not sure yet.

Regards, Brad
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