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This is a thread about the Guess-o-Meter. I'm making it a sticky so please supply facts and verified, repeated observations.

Fact (1): The GoM is a device that outputs an estimate of the available range and displays it to the driver, given a number of input parameters.

Fact (2): The most important input parameter to predicting your remaining range by the GoM is the State of Charge (SoC) of your battery.

Fact (2a): The SoC itself is a complex function of battery parameters.
Fact (2b): Battery parameters are nonlinear at the extremes of charge (close to drained, close to full).

Fact (3): Input parameters other than the SoC are considered as well. One of them is some historical record of previous consumption. Another is whether other consumers, particularly the AC, are turned on.

[There may be other facts that I'm not thinking of ...]

Empirical observation (1): At the extremes of SoC, the GoM prediction is extremely iffy.
Empirical observation (1a): At high SoC, range estimates bounce wildly.
Empirical observation (1b): At low SoC, GoM behavior is so unpredictable that the range can drop from, e.g., 5 miles to 2 miles.
Empirical observation (2): In the middle, corresponding to 20%-90% SoC, or approximately 200 to 30 miles of range, the GoM estimates are pretty good proportionally.

Please add facts and empirical observations.
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