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Suedecloth steering wheel?

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Hey everyone, long-time lurker about to order a MY2020 car. I'm considering the suedecloth steering wheel, but I am interested in the thoughts of anyone who has it, or who really thought about it and rejected it.

Seems that it would be nice in the winter, but I'm a bit worried about the fabric in the heat, and also how it might last over time to stains, sticky hands, etc. It's easy to wipe down leather, not so sure about the suedecloth.

Any feedback for me?

Tina W
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Picked up my I-Pace today;
Suedecloth steering wheel is amazing!
My detailer told me it is easy to clean if you know how.


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I'd be very wary. Suede is awesome to touch but gets dirty easily. It's much harder to clean than leather. "If you know how" is another way of saying "pay someone a lot to do it".
I once owned a pair of massive suede leather couches and this $10 eraser-like object was miraculous at removing dirt, stains, water marks, iced tea stains, even pen marks. A carpet cleaning vendor told me about them. It is literally the size of a large rubber eraser but cleans up suede leather like, well... magic!
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