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Stuck Charge Cable? Bulletin that you are not going to like.

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If the charge cable will not release, here's what JLR is telling their technicians:

Reference SSM74251
Models I-PACE / X590
Title I-PACE Charge Cable becomes stuck in Charge Inlet
Category Electrical
Last modified 25-Jan-2019 00:00:00
Symptom 203000 Basic Electrical
Issue: The charge cable (any level/type/mode) becomes stuck in the Charge Inlet and cannot be removed.

Cause: The charge cable cannot be removed due to locking actuator pin position.

Action: STOP! All service activities on the vehicle. Do NOT use the manual release for the charge cable, quarantine the vehicle and do not attempt to move the vehicle. Contact LTS via a TA for further instruction.

OK, this is the biggest WTF I've ever heard from an auto MFR. Exactly what are you supposed to do? Leave the car in the customer's garage for a month? At a public charging station? At the only DCFC or L2 charger at the dealership?

I could understand them doing a traction battery disable then removing the cable, but to just leave it there? That might not even be an option.
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What the **** are they possibly associating with "locking actuator pin position"?

Or, are the folks responsible just being daft?

Difficult to imagine that an error with the locking actuator pin position signifies that the car is going nuclear.
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Note: Thinking about this, it might be a nothing sandwich. Perhaps someone pulled the release when the car was charging and it arced.
All EVs will disconnect the traction battery when the 12v source is disabled, and there is often a manual disconnect as well.
Perhaps they want to walk techs through how to disable the charger and traction battery first beforehand since some chargers are hardwired, and not all techs are EV trained.
Since it says "stop all service activity" I assume this is some quirk of getting serviced that would only happen at the dealer.

I would be OK to just disable the lock completely anyway. Service can just cut the pin as far as I am concerned.
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