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Southern California Orders

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Just an FYI that I was told by a reliable source that the next ship is due in to port on November 20th. Still don’t know if my car is on this ship, or not (but, I am trying to find out).
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Tugela is “out of range” on the Marine Traffic site (free version). So, I checked the schedule at Port Hueneme. And, it looks like the ship is not due in until the 27th. Not sure how long it will take to get through customs and then transported to dealerships and then prepped for customers. So, I am currently thinking toward the end of the first week of December.
Best I can tell, it is arriving in Panama today.
Just left Panama this morning. MarineTraffic estimates arrival in Port Hueneme on 11/27 at about 3:45pm Pacific. Not sure how much longer we will be able to track the ship once it is on the open seas.
There is a ship ID that allows free tracking. It is still off the west coast of Panama this morning moving 20kts at last report:
No love from Newport Beach JLR. I'm pretty sure my car arrived in port the 15th, but they haven't been very forthcoming concerning anything. I might order a Tesla on the 30th (last day to get the full rebate). I picked the wrong dealership, and now I'm being punished for it. NB JLR is one of the few JLR dealers in the area who have not received an i-Pace. I think they are in financial trouble.
I'm getting the carrot tied to stick. I went down in person, and did see a MFR Photon Red, but no other i-Paces. Their website has only listed i-Paces from other dealers.
But they said they put my car on a truck today. That's <5 hrs away with bad traffic. We will see if it's there tomorrow.

$3,750 cash beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. But I need to buy something this year for tax reasons.
In SoCal, I'll be surprised if the i-Pace gets under 200 miles in the winter. There is radar on the 241, and the other freeways are normally congested.
To put it in perspective, the shop Volt has an EPA of 53 miles. I routinely do a freeway loop to a customer that is 58.4 miles with juice leftover. This is at 11 am, not rush hour.
IIRC, about 3-4 weeks. There is a ship name and code on your status sheet, that will tell you when the ship hits port. Make sure you locate a 'car carrier', ship names are not unique.
And Finally! Ordered May 30, 2018. Received November 28, 2018 at 8 pm. Newport Beach JLR delivered it with 30% charge. They had no CCS or L2 capability at their shop, and it had arrived yesterday afternoon. They didn't want me to take delivery with under 80%, but I talked them into it. 22 miles on the odo when sold.
The Steering Assist does work, even though three different JLR people told me it does not. Very relaxing drive down the 241 with Adaptive Cruise and Steering Assist.
At 65 mph, the 'guessometer' was about spot on with AC and stereo on, driving through hills up to 6% grade and climbing 800' altitude total.
But that's not scientific at all. Need to do a loop, and measure the electricity.
With 9% charge remaining, it first estimated 11h30m to charge using a Juicebox 40. Odd.
This will be interesting to play with. So far, very happy even though I paid full MSRP which is something I don't do.
It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! WOO HOO!


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You'll love it, I think!! I have a much happier tale of how I got mine, but I don't know if I should share it now after reading through your struggle here. It might not be politic.
In the end, all is OK, but the dealer I selected is not a good choice for EVs. I knew more about the car than anybody working there, and I went through 4 different points of contact. Perhaps I would have gotten my car a month earlier if I picked a different dealer.

The ironic part? We found we could have picked up the exact same car in our area right off lot fully charged yesterday. No ordering necessary.
So, are you saying that it took 2 weeks from after when the ship arrived, to when they could get it to you IN THE SAME STATE?
106 miles down the 405 freeway. Some people commute that far around here.
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