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Southern California Orders

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Just an FYI that I was told by a reliable source that the next ship is due in to port on November 20th. Still don’t know if my car is on this ship, or not (but, I am trying to find out).
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My build date was end of October. Probably missed it but here is for holding out for hope.

Just found out that my car is on the Tugela that is due in on the 22nd or 23rd. It left Germany on Oct 29th.
Same build date for me. Probably have to be a little early to make that boat.
After not being able to provide an update the past 3 weeks, yesterday my dealer (Jaguar of South Bay) was able to provide both VIN and name of ship. So, you might want to check-in with yours (if you have not done so recently)
We got our VIN, and I think it's on that ship. Super excited! Delivery by the end of the month, hopefully.

Tugela is “out of range” on the Marine Traffic site (free version). So, I checked the schedule at Port Hueneme. And, it looks like the ship is not due in until the 27th. Not sure how long it will take to get through customs and then transported to dealerships and then prepped for customers. So, I am currently thinking toward the end of the first week of December.
Other than some major storm or mechanical trouble, I don't get why it would take a ship 4 extra days to arrive somewhere.
My bad in that Jag engineering rep I know thought the Tugela was due in the 22nd or 23rd. It looks like McRat is correct in that the ship arrived at Panama Canal earlier today. Current schedule is that it will go through tonight. Assuming a 6-7 day trip from Panama (18 knots/hour travel time), it seems that the 27th is indeed the likely arrival.
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Best I can tell, it is arriving in Panama today.
Just left Panama this morning. MarineTraffic estimates arrival in Port Hueneme on 11/27 at about 3:45pm Pacific. Not sure how much longer we will be able to track the ship once it is on the open seas.
According to my salesperson, the ship carrying my I-Pace is arriving in Southern California today (11/21). He has no information on the port or ship’s name.
It is scheduled to be delivered, prepped and ready by the middle of next week. He has given me incorrect information before, but I’m hoping.

The Graceful Leader (vehicle carrier that originated out of Southampton) was scheduled for the 21st. But, it actually arrived on the 20th. Your car very well might have been on it.
There is a ship ID that allows free tracking. It is still off the west coast of Panama this morning moving 20kts at last report:
Yep. That was last reported position at 2:01 pm Pacific (22:01 UTC) on the 20th. Not sure if there will be any updates via the free site until the ship is off the Baja coast. I’ll still be checking at least once per day, just in case. But, I don’t expect any new position reports until the 25th or 26th.
Apparently, when ships are not in range, they report their position twice a day (around noon and midnight, local time for the ship). So, as of about 9:00 pm Pacific last night, it looks like the Tugela was traveling at 18.9 knots off the coast of Costa Rica (almost to Nicaragua) ...
I'm getting the carrot tied to stick. I went down in person, and did see a MFR Photon Red, but no other i-Paces. Their website has only listed i-Paces from other dealers.
But they said they put my car on a truck today. That's <5 hrs away with bad traffic. We will see if it's there tomorrow.

Not sure if there have been other ships in the past couple of days, but the Tugela did arrive today at 4pm. Pretty sure that South Bay Jag has five vehicles on board (including mine). So, I would have to imagine that there are similar numbers for the various other dealers in the LA basin. My guess would be 5 to 7 days before they are ready for delivery to customers.
The Faust took a full week to make it to LA from the Canal. It arrives tonight. It's what happens AFTER that, that is a mystery. FYI.
Yes. Keep your fingers crossed that these next shipments don’t have faulty sensors. Our car is still at the port with no updates from the dealer in the last 8 days (car arrived on 11/27).
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