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SOTA (Software Over The Air) NOTICE:
Issue: There is SOTA (Software Over The Air) server maintenance planned on Sunday 18th January at 1400hrs UK time for approximately 4 hours. During this time, there may be errors noticed on TOPIx when trying to complete SOTA operations. Cause: Routine updates to the server are required. Action: Should errors be noticed when attempting SOTA operations during the outage period, then no immediate action is required. Instead, the SOTA operation should be retried when the outage period has elapsed.

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Software Over The Air (SOTA) -NOTICE- Telematics Control Module (TCU)
It has been noticed in some cases that when performing a Software Over The Air (SOTA) updates to the Telematics Control Module (TCU), the update will not complete. Due to this JLR have temporarily suspended updates to the TCU whilst the cause is investigated.

The root cause is currently being investigated.

If the update has not completed and the vehicles Touch Screen is continually showing an 'Installation In progress' message, then a 'Technical Assistance' (TA) should be raised. Otherwise no further action is required, and an updated communication will be issued when the root cause is identified.

Note: TCU updates at PDI are not required
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