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Hi Everyone

I want to share a solution I found for the bad GPS signal inside the iPace. Various reasons have been suggested as to why there is patchy GPS signal, I'm one of those that have really bad GPS reception on my Samsung S21+. I like to use Waze and having bad GPS tracking is frustrating.

I purchased a Bluetooth GPS receiver and paired it with my Android App to allow me to use an external GPS receiver.
I then put the GPS receiver in the rear window for much better signal locking and tracking.

The device I purchased was : BT821C BLUETOOTH GSM RECEIVER
It's from a South African supplier but I'm sure there are suppliers worldwide.
I used an Android app called Bluetooth GNSS to enable the GPS receiver to become the primary location device.
The app is available under : Bluetooth GNSS - GPS, Galileo, - Apps on Google Play
I followed the guide under :

I hope this might help someone with the same issues.

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@Brendon mine does not pick up GPS on Android Auto, and I'm always plugged in when I'm in the car. I've noticed even worse GPS when I'm plugged in.
I'm also up to date on the software so this is very interesting indeed. Do you have some more details on your setup? Versions?

@IPaceYouPace The GPS Bluetooth receiver route should work in tandem with pairing to the car for audio / calls. My iPace is in the workshop currently so I haven't tested this but Bluetooth support for multiple connections is now common on most smartphones.
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