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Software update brings charging to 100kW speeds

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Saw on the UK board JLR released a software update last week that, 1) enabled OTA updates and 2) upped charging speed to 100kW(was limited to 80 or so). Also, multiple people said they were told at publicity events that JLR will be pushing a further update at some point to enable 150kW charging speeds.

No word on whether this new update improved efficiency at all.
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There's a reason improved efficiency was not mentioned.
I have to wonder though if some R & D may in fact produce an eventual OTA software update which improves motor/battery efficiency a bit? I can see this happening at some point in 2019...and Jaguar can even make a big deal of it with a full Press Release and/or Press Conference announcement of some sort...would make for a very good marketing campaign for current and future Jaguar EV's. They could do a free OTA update for early adopters of the Jaguar I-Pace like us...first 2019 I-Pace owners and/or charge future customers like $500-$1,000 or so for a software update which increases performance and range (e.g. the Tesla "Performance" software package)'s certainly possible. I wouldn't mind a simple, quick OTA software update to increase 0-60mph performance to 3.9 sec. and extend range to ~ 275 mi. That works. ;) It seems like the 90kw battery has the capacity for this anyhow, but from what I've read, it's the 2 magnetic synchronized motors which make it less efficient. Apparently, the Teslas have 1 motor (of 2 for dual motor) which turns off when cruising on the highway or something like that...makes it much more efficient.
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After years of development, I expect little or no substantive improvement after delivery. Jaguar is not Tesla.

So I will not be holding my breath. But I guess anything's possible...
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