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Simple calculator for how much it'll cost you to go uphill

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Question: how much energy am I using for lifting the iPace 1000ft?

This question is relevant for those of us who may go for an outing to the mountains.

There's no reason to think that driving uphill takes energy for anything other than the work required to lift the vehicle. Drivetrain inefficiencies, driving style, whatever ... no reason to assume that those have an influence compared to just flat driving.

Therefore: we can predict with very high accuracy how many "extra" kWh we will use when we drive from Frisco (haha) at sea level to, say, Tahoe at 6000 ft ... compared to driving to a location that's also at sea level.

Here's the answer: 1.87 kWh per 1000ft, or 11.2 kWh. That's about 13% of your battery capacity. At 200 miles of range you'll lose 26 miles. That's not bad at all!
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I’m planning to take mine up there after the snow melts in the spring (I’m not willing to try my first EV trip to Tahoe in the winter when there are only 50kw chargers past Sacramento). I’m looking forward to when I do eventually go up there though, and am hoping that penalty is close to accurate. If so it would mean a stop in El Dorado Hills or Placerville, but that wouldn’t be a big deal.
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And, you'll get 85% or more of that back coming back down.
And, you'll get 85% or more of that back coming back down.
Actually, it may be more than 85%. I've done a little science project this evening to look at regen efficiency on downhill vs energy expenditure on the uphill. I think I might put it in a separate thread.
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