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Set the max battery state-of-charge

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Hi Forum,
do you know how to set the maximum state-of-charge of the battery ?

I have a Tesla since several years and it is a fundamental tool to avoid ageing of the battery (i.e., limit the max SOC to values below 100%).

Thanks !

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Thanks for the feedbacks.

As you may know, battery ageing is mainly associated to two phenomena: capacity fading and increasing equivalent series resistance.
Now, these two macroscopic phenomena can modelled by two processes.

Calendar ageing: the battery is ageing with time as a function of its temperature even if it is not cycled. This process can be studied using Arrhenius-type equations.

Cycling ageing: the battery is ageing as a function of the type of cycles it is subjected.

As far as the battery life is concerned, whatever is the electrochemistry (NMC/NCA cathodes and Graphics/Graphite-Si anodes), there is always a minimisation of the cycling ageing if you use the battery within SoC that are well within 0 and 100%. So, in this respect it would been useful to have a max SoC setting.
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1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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