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Disclaimer: I know this comment is not helpful for those of you who use these features. I'm just offering my perspective:

I do not use profiles
I do not use the navigation, only the map display (for entertainment, not navigation .. that's what google is for)
I do not use voice control
I do not use the 'personal' SIM card (I yanked it out and haven't missed it)
And while I do have the seat position memory set I don't really have to rely on it because I'm the only driver 99% of the time.
I do give it time to boot up upon pressing the Start button.

I don't have any issues other than the occasional idiosyncratic screen lag.

The combination of Windows IoT, JLR not exactly being a software company, and their having relatively low overall sales volumes (emphasis on overall, not just EVs) compared to the Germans, Koreans, or Japanese led me to minimize risk by turning off all features that I absolutely don't need. => Happy camper! I can enjoy the car for what it is: an amazing driving machine with beautiful physical features inside and out.
I have to say that I completely agree with Sciencegeek here. I just got my car back (it took two weeks) from the dealer having taken it in after only ~250 miles to have several problems fixed: a) inability to configure the instrument cluster (turns out it was a faulty camera in the windshield mounted forward facing sensors that kept providing false warnings and overriding any use of the thumbwheel controls); b) the battery charging interactions with my home ChargePoint charger (the one recommend by JLR!) that appears to be unfixable because of standards incompatibility issues that force me to only use the clumsy car-side time of use (TOU) charging schedule rather than the elegant and user friendly interface that ChargePoint has; and c) ongoing issues with the iOS InControl app connection with the car. (Am still not “there” yet with a fully useable TOU strategy but am hopeful...)

A lot of the other features seem so “MS Windows like” in their clunkyness and poor UX. (Sorry, am betraying decades of personal preferences for the much better alternatives out there.)

Nonetheless, after now having the car back and putting a few miles on it I am so, so happy with it! It really is a driver’s car, hands down. Enormously fun to drive and experience. Why would one ever go back to all the moving parts that need to be slowly cranked up to create meaningful torque when one experiences the instantaneousness of the I PACE? Then there is the handling, even in comfort mode. Wonderful!

So maybe JLR just wants us all to focus on automotive first principles?
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