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San Diego Terminal 2 parking structure chargers

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I see that terminal two parking structure for San Deigo airport has Chargepoint chargers available, something like 16 or 18. What I don't see are the actual use restrictions. I see that they are free. What I don't understand is if people are parking in the charging spot the entire time they are gone and only utilizing a small portion of the charging ability. That seems a waste to me of a charging resource. I see no instructions online. I saw some check-in comments to be careful that chargers show available but parking spot is occupied by an EV that isn't charging at all or any longer. If anyone has been there and any experience let me know.

I realize this is off topic but thought there are some other I-Pace owners that have prior EV ownership experience and may have some insight.
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I have left my car plugged in at the Sacramento airport. They are not Chargepoint, but free charging with no restrictions.
I foresee that EV charging in public locations is going (or already is) to be a critical problem
that no new manufacturer has addressed.
The charging companies or local authorities need to police what few sites there are.
The potential bad PR is going to hurt EV sales and frustrate current owners.

Hybrid cars complicate the rules of charging equate vs. pure plugin EV's.:surprise:

A charging system that recognizes the model car once plugged in might be one way of
self adjusting the charging requirements for each session.:smile2:

With the I-Pace charge port on the left side already limits parking to the right side of
the charger as most cables are not long enough to reach. I can see a short extension cable might come in handy when needed. But that's just more cables to lug around and more $$.
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Yes I agree that free airport parking could benefit from low power L2 charging and they may as well save the connectivity and just have a plain vanilla EVSE.
For the cost and power they could have gone close to 50 stations and everyone would still be charged upon return.
And I-Pace with a locking port would seem to further prevent sharing the cord. Could install a port every three slots so you can pull up next to a car that was finished.
Seems like coexisting could be done so much better.
So was surprised to see rectricions on non EV charging vechiles with a threat to tow violaters. That would prevent non EVs from using the parking spaces Ony phone and will attempt to attach a pic I took.


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