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Dear all,

I picked up the cat (a never registered 2019 HSE) in Cleveland and drove it back to Boston (suburbs). In all 642 miles which cost me $15.71 in fuel, which is a very affordable two cents per mile. More about this below.

This road trip convinced me that I made a good choice. Here are my headline impressions
  • Quiet and responsive car. Fun and fast to drive
  • I was expecting brakes to be a bit soft or squishy, as some reviewers had said that. I don't agree with that at all
  • Stereo is awesome. AC/DC or Prokofiev, just great sound
  • I slept for a few hrs in the front seat - pretty comfortable
  • The steering assist (SA) was awesome. On I-90 you are robbed in tolls, but they do keep the road well striped. I used SA all that way and it was soo relaxing. That was pleasant surprise since some people on this page have been critical of "jerkiness". Around town, the SA is not up to the task
  • I found that the charging network worked as it should and that I could just do 12-18 min stops to go from ~10 to ~45% state of charge. That makes for short stops and less $/kWh.
  • The efficiency (kWh/mile) was as advertised which is a lot worse than my Bolt. I don't understand how it can be so, because the weather was EV friendly (75F/25C) and the car looks aerodynamic to me. Anyone know?
  • I had seen complaints of a lagging camera when backing up. Don't see that being different to my other two EVs, and the Jag has much better picture quality. Quite happy there as well

Regarding economics, I got 2.9 miles (4.8 km) per kWh driving almost exclusively on the hwy at the speed limit (mostly 65 mph). Since the car came charged, and I got a freebie from Electrify America (EA), and slept by a free charger, it was an inexpensive trip. Glad I didn't risk a trailer. Attached the spreadsheet.

When I paid for charging, it was around $0.33 per kWh, which isn't bad, I think. In my town, the cost of electricity is $0.20/kWh and those chargers must be expensive to put up. Key is to charge at every EA station so you remain in the >75kW arena.

In conclusion, I think the I-PACE needs better advertising. Great car!



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Hi Gelbkreutz, welcome to the forum! You didn't mess around, awesome way to get to know your car! So glad you like it as much as most of us do here! 馃嵑

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Wow! 642 miles for your first trip... Well done, sir!!
The I-Pace is a heavy car, much heavier than the Bolt. Consumption will be much higher.
Enjoy your new cat :)
And another good thing, no 500 mile driving slow break in period. (Unless I missed something)
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Welcome, I'd say I hope I see you around the Boston suburbs, but I haven't left my town in months! (Ok that's an exaggeration, but not by much). The i-pace actually makes me miss my two hour commute sometimes.
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