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Replacement tires

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Looks like my Eagles are running low, hence considering options.
Wanted to go wider, but front suspension seemingly won't accept anything more than 255 (on 20") without spacers which I prefer not to, especially already lowered.
So out of 255/50R20 with appropriate load rating, the selection of not outrageously pricey performance tires of proven brands is not that big:
  • same Goodyear Eagle Sport which I think could have better traction;
  • Continental DWS 06 Plus which looks pretty great but still $300 a piece (and I've replaced 3 tires in past year due to punctures);
  • maybe some Pirellis (Scorpion Zero ?).
Let me folks know if I'm missing anything in respect to the size (any easy way of going wider ?), and what you would pick brand / model-wise.
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Sounds like Pirelli is quite controversial option. To its defense though, high grip and longevity are mutually exclusive as a norm. Goodyear seemingly tried to sit on two chairs, and result is - noise and very average grip.
BTW Contis DWS have same tread life rating (56K) yet excellent reviews for grip, noise and handling. Wondering how they did it. I think I'm getting them.

General, Cooper as well as ... Toyo, ... Nitto, Kumho
No, thanks.
Falken RT series would be interesting to try though.

after 23,000 mi my Goodyear Eagles were down to the wear bars
I'm at 21K, and little above the bars. So pretty much identical

The Tire Rack said that these are the top rated tire of all tires they sell in the z-rated ultra high performance category
I don't even see Z anymore, mainly V-W-Y, although even H would be OK per my view.
TireRack is known for splitting the tires into myriad categories, so that pretty much every decent tire is on top of its own group. But yes, that's where I'm looking to order anyway :LOL:
Nittos for my summer. The Nittos are amazing so far
Which ones, what size ?
Ok, the tire looks solid actually.
No 255/50R20 option though
You could go with 265/45R20. Minimal difference, I wouldn't even get the ECU reprogrammed. Tire Size Comparison
Only on aftermarket rims with lower ET or with spacers, because front strut clearance on 245s is less than 10 mm.
otherwise yes, 265 would be a sweet spot
We fitted a set of 265/50/20, slightly bigger but no rubbing.
Interesting ! Can you check how much clearance the new tire has against the strut in the front ? I was under impression that any 265 will be touching it. Same rims BTW.
The original tire size was 235/65 R18 which is perfectly suitable for a minivan.
High profile narrow tires are good for battery mileage too
Costco refused because the weight rating (or whatever it is called) wasn't high enough
As much as it amazes me every time when a vendor thinks he's smarter than you just by following users manual, this time they are rather right. Especially if you consider dynamic loads due to enormous acceleration.
Tirerack would have many options, including multiple performance tires. Altimax is rather touring one, which formally is a step down from Eagle Sport. But if it works for you - (y)
OK, what size are we talking about ?
It amazes me that so many drivers think they can somehow decide on a better tire size than the car manufacturer. So many calculations are involved in determining the optimal tire size and tread pattern yet someone with no tire design expertise or it seems even basic knowledge of physics decides to go with a tire size that frankly under certain road conditions will endanger themselves and others. In many countries if an altered tire size is deemed to be a contributing factor to an accident the penalties for said driver can be severe. By all means play around with any aspect of your car, but unless you design tires for a living then be an adult and leave tire sizing to people who know what they are doing!.
You can go very far with such philosophy, mate.
Not even saying that car manufacturers often push you any sort of crap they can get for a good deal. I think our Eagle Sports are pretty good example.
Thanks for your opinion though (y)
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245/50R20 105V XL
I guess you're right actually.
But that's another reason to go wider - 255 already has 42 XL tires, vs 6 in 245 width.
many alternatives don't meet the weight rating
those are out of consideration
Tire manufacturers have started designing more dedicated EV tires.
Seems it's all marketing, to sell same products with additional markup.
Insight is bad example because it's plain MPG-oriented, so yes, you can optimize a tire toward efficiency while giving up everything else. But even then, why wouldn't someone put it on another ICE car if he's interested in best MPG ? He probably would.
So in general, any parameter you could possibly improve, will be beneficial for ICE cars as well, so no EV exclusivity here. All the same requirements (except maybe XL rating), mainly based on driving style and personal preferences.
I'm not sure how you can both have LRR and design for acceleration.
Exactly. Seems, you can't, otherwise they already would be on the market.
I used the Insight as an example because I have lots of personal experience with it. The Insight Bridgestones got pretty bad reviews if you put them on anything other than an Insight going by Tirerack. Like other true VTEC Hondas, the Insight had very little torque off the line and built up a bit as the cam got more aggressive. The extreme LRR Bridgestones resulted in lots or FWD tire spin on other cars but was matched well to the Insight's gradual torque curve.
Obsessing over range in an EV translates to perhaps .5 MPG on an ICE? Recent inflation aside, gas is pretty cheap in the US and I don't think that current tire designs focus on efficiency as much.
I had similar LRR Bridgestones on CPO Venza, and gas mileage was ~15% better than on all-season Yokohamas which replaced them. All around, Bridgestone would be fine summer option for mild driving.
Tirerack has MPG rating as one of 4 main tests, so perhaps some do care about it.
And BTW, MPG as unit is deceiving, because 0.5 difference on the top of 15 MPG total, is only ~3% which I agree is pretty much nothing. But same exact losses will result in 3 MPG on the top of 40 MPG - already ~7.5%, and it comes essentially for free if you're already driving carefully.
FWIW, I have no reason to believe the Eagles were purposely designed to maximize either the performance or efficiency of the I Pace. As I said, at best they are 'meh' other than wearing well.
I may be wrong, but it's probably just regular Eagle Sports with higher load rating. And with base model, Goodyear tried sitting on three chairs - traction, efficiency and longevity, and ended up missing all of them. So more or less OK option for the people who aren't sure what they want, but next replacement you just pick whatever fits your driving needs.

So yes, Contis look like the best high performance option so far.
(Unless you can snatch P Zeros or Pilot Sports for reeeeal cheap 😁)
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In case of turnover, will need more tires to burn on barricades. I'm supporting.

But seriously, making regular people's lives miserable only helps Putin to consolidate the nation against western world.

And I suggest we stop with politics right here.
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Then remove the offensive posts, please.
I've requested administration to remove #64 through the end right away. The result you see.
Dropping this thread.
Thanks to everyone who contributed.
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