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Replacement tires

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Looks like my Eagles are running low, hence considering options.
Wanted to go wider, but front suspension seemingly won't accept anything more than 255 (on 20") without spacers which I prefer not to, especially already lowered.
So out of 255/50R20 with appropriate load rating, the selection of not outrageously pricey performance tires of proven brands is not that big:
  • same Goodyear Eagle Sport which I think could have better traction;
  • Continental DWS 06 Plus which looks pretty great but still $300 a piece (and I've replaced 3 tires in past year due to punctures);
  • maybe some Pirellis (Scorpion Zero ?).
Let me folks know if I'm missing anything in respect to the size (any easy way of going wider ?), and what you would pick brand / model-wise.
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A bonus was that the larger circumference brought the speedo indicator down from the ridiculous 6k over to just 2k at 100kph true.
Weird. I just checked and on my still relatively new 245/50/20 tires the speedo is 0.5 mph off at 75 mph ... less than one percent.
Can we please leave it at Qtown's wise words gentle[wo]men?

Let's talk tires in this thread. 🍺
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