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Remote app charging status incorrect

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I plugged in our car to charge last night and the remote app indicated correctly that it was charging and also indicated how much time is remaining until charging would be complete. This seemed fine, until this morning when the car was completely charged but the app still says that it is charging and has an hour and a half left to completion, which is what it said last night when I plugged it in. I have tried refreshing the app, logging out and logging back in, but it's status of the charging will not update. Anybody else have this issue?
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Did you check that the App status says "Updated just now" instead of "Updated x minutes/hours ago"?
I have had App / Car mismatches as well, seem to be random and probably caused by intermittent connection to the car.
Yeah it shows a date and time of last update, but looks like it's just not updating, even if I refresh the app. See attached screenshot where it shows the last update was last night at 6:40pm


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I've just had the same! Finished charging about 4am but still says Charging!
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That's the text of the icon. If you press on it it will take you to the 'Charging' page/screen. It doesn't mean that it's currently charging.
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