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Rear door plastic trim replacement

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Noticed a scrape on the plastic door trim while washing the car past weekend :( It is deep and wide, I don't think it can be buffed out easily. There is some faint etched marking on the fixed glass behind it too. Must be some pressure on the glass and trim to cause the damage. Part number T4K1965. Does anybody reckon that this bit snaps out with clips, a DIY I can do or I better get the dealership replace it? The fixed glass, T4K1962, has some vertical rectangles in the illustration, clip slots maybe?

On the subject of door trim, all the Jag's black gloss trims, esp the door applique, look tired with scratches and swirl marks after only 2 years. When I see my neighbors' Subaru which is older, the trims are matt black and looks nicer. Along with soft paint, is Jag plastic soft too?

Thank you for your comment.
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"Per the book"
1) Lower the movable rear window all the way
2) remove the rear door inner trim panel (several more steps to do this)
3) remove a screw that holds the door outer weatherstrip and remove the weatherstrip (that outer lower seal against the glass that has the silver piece on your car)
4) remove the rear door frame weatherstrip (the big seal around the top)
5) remove 2 clips and remove the rear door frame trim panel
6) remove 3 screws and the rear door frame finisher (silver part across the top on your door)
7) pull the movable window weatherstrip loose
8) pull off the fixed window outer finisher that you want to replace

Reassemble in reverse order after installing the new piece.
That seems like much to remove trim. Wow. I would assume that it would just pop off.
Wow! More steps than I can chew. Putting the things together better be water tight.
On my old Merc C230K, after 10 yrsm some black trim at bottom of window turned bronze-ish, the chrome bits looked like it had some water marking but not too visible. Either chrome or black, lose-lose it seems. Best thing to do is get the trim wrapped when new. Since not having a garage, having the car covered helped. My Benz 15 year old headlamp did not fog at all, looked like new when I sold it.
they don’t make cars like they used to. I bet a new MB headlamp wouldn’t last 15 yrs.

According to bureau of transportation the average car is on the road for 12 years. I would assume that it is less for a Jaguar!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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