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Range Test Results

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So I have been doing some testing with various conditions and it seems to me that the greatest affect on range in cooler weather is by far the heating system. I tried to the last two days seeing what kind of range I would get with the cabin system off and what a difference it made. I got 82 miles with the charge still reading 65% in 30 degree weather. Conditions where mixed highway (65%) and local (35%) driving, seat heaters on, until I felt warm,A/C OFF, Car in Econ mode, ohh and I even tried the steering wheel heater (once) for about 2 minutes until it warmed up.

Most interesting enough that turns out to be exactly 234 mile range. (82 miles / .35 (%) ) = 234 - Wouldn't you know!

I am sure it would be even better in warmer weather.
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