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Jtdavi3, congratulations on your new I-PACE and I hope you love it. If you're interested in live traffic updates and other connected data, make sure a Sim card is installed in the cubby. Also, ask your salesman to demonstrate a number of features such as setting departure times, preconditioning, setting safety features to your needs, etc. The owners manual is sometimes not correct and is often confusing until you're acclimated to the car.

Install the iGuide app as it's way more convenient to use than the manual. Install the InControl app and have them show you how to use it. Have the dealer establish an account for both InControl and Route Planner apps. Ask them to help you build a car profile if you want personalized settings. Likewise, ask them to help you build a navigation profile which is the same account setting as Route Planner.

You're way ahead already by being a forum member but read most of the threads as members have posted lots of really good tips for setting up your car.

Try not to expect a perfect vehicle but keep in mind that most issues will be fixed and that you're driving a fantastic car that is efficient and non-polluting.
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