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Problem with Cameras and entertainment system

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I have a i-Pace 19 FE for a while, and once in a while, I had a had problem with cameras, mainly when reversing from the garage.
I usually give the entertainment system 20-30 seconds to boot up before reversing.
But last 4-5 months, it has become more frequent (and randomly) to have a black screen (no cameras) when reversing!
and sometimes the screen stays black until I turn off the car, and on again after a while.

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a couple of times, I got lane keeper warnings; not sure if it's relevant.
The official workshop checked the car, but they couldn't find anything. They also updated the software to the latest, while no help.

I am wondering, is that something usual in i-Pace?
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Did the workshop provide a written description of what they did?

They should have validated that the Camera Control Module, Park Assist Control Module, Body Control Module/Gateway Module and Infotainment Master Controller do not have any fault codes stored and are current in software versions. Any fault codes would indicate a problem to be corrected such as an intermittent break in wiring to the rear hatch. Finally camera calibration should be done.

They may have to reload software to those modules even if nothing is found to ensure there is no internal corruption.
In the US it is required by the federal safety standards that the rear camera operate within 2 seconds of reverse gear being selected. No, it is not normal.
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