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Plugshare on CarPlay / AA?

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Go onto the cell app and rate Plugshare 5 stars and ask Apple to allow it to run under CarPlay. Or whatever phone you use.
It's been almost a year since Recargo (Plugshare) applied for inclusion to CarPlay.

If Apple is an EcoFriendly company like they market themselves as, it's time for them make their actions match their marketing.
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For those who do not know, and App is the most complete database of EV charging sites. It allows users to comment on sites and post pictures of what the site looks like. It can be quickly filtered for all kinds of charging standards and can tell you what's in use and what is broken in realtime.
Knowing ahead of time whether or not a charger is in use is a great step in reducing queues at public stations. Not to mention this whole 'Icing' thing that's been trending at various Tesla stations around the country.
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