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Ordering 2023/2024 model

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Has anyone here been able to place an order for a new Ipace?
Local dealer told me Jaguar doesn't allow dealers to order cars with specific options
Another dealer told me they can't order iPace's specifically and they only find out they're getting an allotment or 2 once the car hits US soil
Both those answers sound like BS
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My 2023 was delivered today. I ordered it back in Sept. Originally it was going to be an end of Mar delivery but somehow got built early? I was able to specify everything. Got HUD and 2 keys. The only thing so far that it doesn't have that my 2020 had is the 3D camera system. I'll write a comparison in the near future with some pics.
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I’ve been checking inventory and I now see 12 new 2023 in inventory within 1000 miles of Texas. It’s good to see supply coming to the US.

What was the purchase experience like? Any negotiation possible or was it a straight MSRP deal?
No negotiation. I did get a reasonable value on my 2020 - more than I paid for it at end of lease in Oct. The British forum reports that the used market for Ipace's has dropped considerably. Still seeing high prices in Canada though there are certainly a lot more available in the last couple of months.
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