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Orange County Auto Show

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The I-Pace is at the OC Auto Show this week. It's a Photon Red First Edition. Looks orange, but I guess that's due to the lighting.

They also have the electric Hyundai Kona and the Audi e-tron. I liked the Kona. The Audi is on a pedestal and locked.


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Saw them all last night.... Still prefer the I-Pace.
Me too, though the Kona will be much cheaper and not bad for the price, good competition for the Bolt.

A few observations on the I-Pace:

- Perfect height for easy driver entry/exit (I'm a little over 6') - nice for those of us with knees that are not as young as they used to be
- Really odd to have to manually adjust the steering wheel, but I think I'll be able to set it and forget it without having it get in the way too much during entry/exit
- Sport seats not as comfy as I'd prefer, but I convinced myself they'll be ok
- Rear visibility not great, hopefully ok with rear camera helping
- You feel kind of enclosed in the driver's seat; I prefer the Model 3's more open feeling
- The glass roof seems to benefit rear passengers only; the driver really sees only the solid portion at the front of the roof. Which I guess is fine, but makes me question the value of even having the glass roof - maybe it does help with headroom.
- Rear seats very comfortable and plenty of headroom even for a tallish person like me, except the middle seat which is for short people only
- Car seemed very solid, well built
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I heard that the Genesis brand might come out with a compact SUV which if true then I might get it for the wife as something worry-free for city driving.
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