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Optional air suspension

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In the very informative Fully Charged link (thank you J. Xau) the reviewer points out his test car has the “optional air suspension” that moves the car “down 40mm and up 60mm”. I don’t see this as an option however. I know the car drops down at speed to reduce drag - but I’m unclear if this is the same feature the driver is referring to - I believe the at-speed drop is standard. Any help?
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I haven't been able to determine whether or not its included from factory, but I have learned more about how it works. There are actually buttons on the center console that allow you to lift and lower the chassis while stopped. Not sure whether or not it will auto adjust height in tandem with the GPS, like what's found in the Model X.
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From what I understand its a standard air suspension setup that is active, thus lowers at speeds over 65mph. Makes sense given the fact that the size and design of these can bring with it some aerodynamic challenges. Hopefully that helped.
From the I-Pace manual found at (you've to select English / UK to see the I-Pace manual).:

The off-road height setting is dependent on the vehicle's speed. The Off-Road 1 height is 26 mm above the normal height setting, up to a maximum vehicle speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). The Off-Road 2 height is 48 mm above the normal height setting, up to a maximum vehicle speed of 50 km/h (31 mph). The suspension height can change automatically between these heights.

Press the up button (1) to select the off-road height setting. The Off-Road 2 height can be manually selected with the suspension at Off-Road 1 height. Press the up button (1) at any vehicle speed up to 40 km/h (25 mph).

Extended mode is an automatic suspension height setting that raises the vehicle to assist manoeuvring in the event that the vehicle is:

Grounded in severe off-road conditions.
Lowered onto an obstacle.
Wading in deep water.
Driving in narrow ruts.

The electronic air suspension system can be lowered to allow easier vehicle access.

Auto access height automatically lowers the electronic air suspension to the access height setting when the vehicle is parked.
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I could have sworn I read that the suspension system couldn't be adjusted while in motion, but it looks like that's false. Glad to see that it has automatic adjustments as well, which should provide solid driving comfort. I was pretty surprised to see the I-Pace wading through fairly deep water, as I would've thought that was a bad idea for an electric powertrain.
Is air suspension standard in all models?
No, coil suspension is standard in most markets. Active Air Suspension is optional extra. I doubt coil suspension lowers the car at higher speeds.
I wish this forum showed country under our names.

In the USA it seems that air suspension is standard.
I am doubting to order the air suspension feature which is optional here in The Netherlands. Does anyone know what the expected range improvement is with air suspension, improving the body’s aerodynamics at higher speeds?
Negligible. The added weight will offset it.
I think that Byorne (not sure of spelling) guy tested w/the S or X and the suspension in normal and low without significant difference.

I had it on my S, and the ride was nicer than the ones without it... so there's the comfort aspect too.
I think that Byorne (not sure of spelling) guy tested w/the S or X and the suspension in normal and low without significant difference.

Tesla can remember high-suspension locations - e.g. speed-humps, and entry to a steep drive - and auto select those, so if Jag has similar that may suit people who have a route that has those annoyances.

My elderly Inlaws struggle to get out of the (low) Model-S, and [if I had it] pumping up the Air Suspension would be a benefit for them (and me in a few year's time!)
I don't consider myself elderly, but HIGH on Park was always an option I wanted. Like you said, it memorizes where to go High. It does make getting in/out easier. Especially considering I came from a Tahoe!
My pickup is the opposite. I want low on park and extra high everywhere else. Generally, the higher the air suspension, the finer the ride.
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