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OK to drive with caution Break pedal feel reduced; and Traction battery fault detected.

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Had my First Edition for almost 2 years and 30,000 trouble free miles now but yesterday, for the first time, "OK to drive with caution Break pedal feel reduced" appeared in the left side of the dashboard display. At the time, I thought maybe the charge was too low (only 7% charge left) as the car drives normally otherwise. Charged to 100%, restarted, no more warnings. However, after driving 120 miles to another city today, "OK to drive with caution Break pedal feel reduced" appeared again. Only this time, it followed by another warning "OK to drive with caution Traction battery fault detected". Drove to a Jaguar Dealer 3 miles down the road. They have only one I-pace certified technician and earliest service appointment is a week away (no loan car available either). Was told it is safe to drive. So drive with caution 100 miles back home, no warnings, no problems. Here is my questions:

1) What could be the possible cause?
2) Is it safe to drive while waiting for the service?
3) Is it safe to drive 100 miles next week to get the service? Likely have to get a rental car to drive back and who knows for how long.
4) Will try to get a service appointment from the local Jaguar dealer (5 miles away from my home) but if I cannot get one before the one from 100 miles, should I wait regardless?

Thanks in advance.
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WattCat developer here.
1) The readings are generally accurate but the 12V values have been proven to be off at times. I only have anecdotal evidence of this though and in my experience the reported values have generally been within the expected range.

2) I have never had issues with my 12V battery, but I’ve added some alert thresholds in WattCat that will notify the user if the 12V battery voltage or TCU battery level drops to concerning levels.

3) The TCU battery gets charged while driving (I have some more in-depth information in my notes somewhere) and even if it does go flat it only means that remote control won’t be possible until you take the car for a drive again. I’ve never seen my TCU battery level drop below 80% but I’ve seen other users, especially during the height of the pandemic, report more significant drops.

tldr; I wouldn’t worry too much. I recommend having a 12V battery charger in the vehicle.
Hi, how can I gat the Wattcat app please as I have regular ipace 12V problems.
Hi, how can I gat the Wattcat app please as I have regular ipace 12V problems.
Look in the Google Play Store under Wattcat
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