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This is from arstechnica, here.

There is something called the Jaguar e-Trophy, which follows along with another race series as a feature event. All I-Paces, so the winner will be one.

This is a profile on a particular team, and an interesting read. Excerpt:

"The Rahal Letterman Lanigan team—yes, that Rahal, and yes, that Letterman—was the first to sign on, announcing that it would employ the racing drivers Katherine Legge and Bryan Sellers for the inaugural season. I'd spoken with Rahal in the past about why he decided to get involved, but in the run-up to this year's New York ePrix, I spent some time chatting with Sellers to get a driver's perspective on the whole thing.

It turns out Sellers didn't need much convincing to sign up; the draw of driving for a legend like Rahal—a fellow Ohioan—was too much to resist. Jaguar's involvement helped, too. Also, "this is the direction motorsport is going, and it's better to get on the train at the first stop, not the last stop. You can either make a splash or you can't. Formula E started to break the mold of what EVs are capable of, but Jaguar is doing that for an EV for an everyday driver. They have a mindset that thinks 'if we can convince race car drivers, we can convince a lot of other people,'" Sellers told me."
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