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Hi. It must be doable. Here's a pic of the trophy version with AP Racing Calipers and it has Ohlins dampers. Don't if the steering mech was modified for the race car but it is claimed to be stock.

Look for Jonny Smith's review on Fully Charged.

Looking for 380x36 mm rotor that's a direct fit (F-Type is 71mm centre bore) and AP Racing 6 pot caliper. Plan to take some measurements at the weekend. Then its a case of finding a company to make the bracket - may be AP Racing is just waiting to be asked!!

I have done something like this before, installing Porsche 996 911 Carrera 4S callipers on an Audi S6. These callipers were the smaller brother to the 996 911 Turbo callipers aka the original Big Reds.
I'm not sure the Ohlins suspension has the same mount points and other suspension components as a stock car. Clearances could be completely different. That said, I think an AP racing kit could be made to fit. There are always spacers. I just don't see much point unless you're tracking the car.
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