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New Topix Campaign

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This came across today. H193NAS1 - Service Action: Non-Start - Body Control Module/Gateway Module (BCM/GWM) Update

Affected VIN’s: Year 2019. F60001 - F72491


A potential issue has been identified on certain Jaguar vehicles within the listed Affected Vehicle Range where the vehicle may not start due to a Body Control Module/Gateway Module (BCM/GWM) signal not being received.


Retailers are required to HOLD affected new vehicles that are within your control and refrain from releasing the vehicles for new vehicle sale pending completion of the Diagnostic/Workshop Procedure detailed in this Technical Bulletin. Unsold vehicles should have this performed as part of the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) process but must have it completed prior to vehicle handover to the customer.

Affected vehicles already in the hands of customers should be updated at the next available opportunity.
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So if our service interval for visiting a dealer is every 2 years, does this mean we have to wait until we have in for service?
I’d call your dealer and ask if there are any open campaigns.
I’d call your dealer and ask if there are any open campaigns.
How did you get your TOPix account? Is there an option to purchase if you aren’t a mechanic? You can send a private reply if you prefer.
They did this flash on my car today.

You get a subscription to TOPIx by saying you are an independent repair facility. Go to
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