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New Ipace owner

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Hi everyone. I live in central London, UK, and commute most weekends to our house 125miles away by the coast. I have taken the radical decision to sell our Mercedes 350gle diesel and have put in an order for an ipace se for delivery in January. Living in central London naturally we have no off street charging possibilities but a few months ago Westminster installed a lamppost charger right outside our front door and there are a couple of standar street chargers around the corner so that side of things is covered I hope. We will also install a 7kw home charger in the country. This feels like a really radical step for us but I am really excited to be moving to an ev for all the usual reasons and the ipace certainly seems like a tremendously fun vehicle after my 1 hr test drive.
In the first instance I would really like to know from other owners who have already taken delivery of their cars what their real life experience is turning out to be and in particular what niggles they have discovered compared to the glowing reviews that have appeared virtually everywhere after Jaguar’s Portugal freebie for worldwide car journo’s earlier this year.
Looking forward to hearing from you then.
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