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New First Edition in LosAngeles

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Got our photon red FE Thursday night.
Thanks to Banks and their approval process we spent ages at dealer but got a good ending and could drive home at 9pm. Happy with the dealer and their support.
Traded in an Ftype and I would say performance of the I-pace is as good around corners and much better acceleration.

Spent Friday evening at informal car meeting in Redondo Beach. Got plenty of attention.. People just loved it for the lines and the red colour.. The 22 inch rims too. Many of them was surprised it is an electric car.

So far it runs well. Only thing is the temperature settings changed to Celsius after my first fast charging.
I can see there is a layer software to get. Odd dealer did not have the 19A last Thursday. Not a big deal. I had other brands like BMW before and they too needed many outward updates in the beginning.

Charging at home with 110volt is slow....... Getting electrician next week to put up a ChargePoint. I selected that one as it allow the cable to be hang up on it.
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Welcome. :D

Note: To disconnect charger, push the Unlock button on the fob and a white light will appear. This is intentional. Strange but intentional.
If you plug the car in, and the car doesn't start charging, push Unlock/Lock, or just open the driver's door. Again, an odd quirk.

Letting the car boot up fully before driving will reduce the number of bugs you might encounter. The car is fully booted when the NAV screen is fully alive. Boot order:
Climate, Phone, Media, NAV. If you hit the CLIMATE button on the cellphone app before you go out to the car, it will start waking up then.

To make the temp knobs read right (this is a rare but recurring bug), just turn the knob. It will say "Lo" and just keep turning until it reads the desired number. I would say it happens about every 50 startup cycles?

It might seem to have an overwhelming number of options, but once set, you normally don't need to play with them.
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Thanks for the explanations. :smile2:
Good to know as first time BEV owner.

Find this forum very interesting and having a good attitude
I can avoid some of the beginners mistakes thanks to good descriptions
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Welcome to the group! May I ask why you got rid of the F-Type? While I love BEVs and the iPace in particular, I have always sort of lusted for an F-Type and think the pair would be a good Ying-Yang balance to have in my garage. :)
Too small garage. So the F-type had to go.
The red I-pace get soo much positive attention.
Only car with equal attention was my Aston Martin vantage.

Bad things for the moment is it takes me 2 times longer to get home. No fun only drive the shortest way. Have to drive more just because it is so fun. A nice problem to have.

Still learning all settings.
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More fun than the Vantage?

I have trouble telling which is more fun, the FR-S or the I-Pace. FR-S you get to row through the gears and hear a roaring engine. It's nimbler and more tactile. The I-Pace is just a rocket. Press and go. It holds the road well. So much more comfy.

I don't think I'll ever buy an ICE car again.
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