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New First Edition I-Pace Owner

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Hi All just joined this forum after came home from the dealership having just purchased my I-pace.

I had waited over 2 months for the dealership here to get one in stock to test drive.
I drove it three times today and then put my deposit down YAYYYY.

Pictures attached. I will pick up this week after they "Prep it for delivery."


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Right the first time --- TOY

you were right the first time. Toy Thanks!
That is my wife in the picture. Yep she loves red.
The dealer had already done paint protection before I picked it up this past Thursday. Car looks fantastic and rained a little today and the water just beaded off everywhere, so has a great clear coat and good wax job.

The Photon Red is definitely an attention grabber. I was stopped at a few light and people were just staring. Kind a weird feeling having people so intently staring at your car and not being able to take their eyes off it...LOL

If anyone has any questions I would be glad to answer.
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