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Hello Jag iPace community,
I have had numerous problems with Seattle Jaguar and found out that I am not alone.
My history:
My 2019 1st edition iPace since I bought it almost two years ago and the dealer (Seattle Jaguar) has not been able to fix them. Three of the several unresolved problems are:
1. The air conditioning comes on at random times, full blast, and in freezing temperatures.
2. The level of my car changes sometimes from mid to low after I get in my car when it has been sitting a few moments.
3. The frunk won’t close without a powerful slam -and that takes many tries. Sean, the salesman, had the problem the day day we drove it off the lot.
These problems and others have been occurring since mile 1. It just has 10k miles now, but I can’t seem to get them resolved after working on them with the dealer in Seattle and JaguarUSA for almost two years now.
I’ve already taken it down to the dealer for repair, just before the pandemic started a year ago. They said they fixed it at that time. Apparently they can’t fix it.
And after returning the car to me -after I waited in their lobby over 7 hours and they had now been closed for half an hour- the battery was so low I couldn’t get home. They hadn’t charged the battery after having it in their shop all day. And they were closed. I was stranded in Seattle. I live in Bellingham, 100 miles north.
I have lost faith in the dealership for repairs and am hoping Jaguar USA will authorize a new auto repair shop in or near Bellingham, WA to give those of us north of Tacoma access for competent repair work on our Jaguars.
I spoke with a guy who has been taking his Jaguars for ten years to SK Motorsport in Whatcom, County. He saw my new car and asked me how it’s going at Seattle Jaguar. He explained that every Jag owner he knows lost faith in Seattle Jag and now go somewhere else for service. His recommended solution for those of us not wanting to entrust our beloved Jags to Seattle Jaguar, who is the only authorized Jag Auto Repair Shop within 150 miles -for warranty work and repairs, is to take them to SK Motorsport in Bellingham. (Full disclosure, I have not done so yet myself, nor do I know anything about that shop, other than this longtime Jag owner recommended them.)
For my unresolved Jag problems, I filed a case with Rena in 2019 (and reopened it with Née on 11/10/20) at JAG USA requesting they authorize SK Motorsport or another qualified auto repair shop in or near Whatcom County for iPace warranty and repair work.
If you agree we need another option, please call JaguarUSA at
801-887-6404 and let them know, and request a case # to register the problem.
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